Buy 10 Blanton’s Miniature Bourbon 50ml Shot Bundle Online


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Buy 10 Blanton’s Miniature Bourbon 50ml Shot Bundle Online

Blanton’s Miniature Bourbonwas the first Blanton’screated to be used by to serveambassadors or dignitaries, as well as the family and acquaintances of Col. Blanton. The whiskey is crafted using the sour blend of corn, rye and malted barley before it is aged in American White Oak casks.

The scent of this wine is very delicious and rich with delightful aromas of vanilla, citrus, caramel and Nutmeg. The distinctive dry vanilla aromas on the palate. These and are balanced by honey notes that are in the background. The strong caramel and sweet corn. In the mouth, there’s an amalgamation of sweet vanilla, sweet citrus, and slightly lemon. The final taste is medium-bodied with vanilla as well as corn, and the spice of nutmeg .

Size: 50ml Miniature shot (10 shots)
It was developed in the Sazerac Company. The Sazerac Company

  • Also known as its pseudonym “Liquid gold”
  • Aged between 6-8 years old
  • Single barrel bourbon


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10 Blanton’s Miniature Bourbon 50ml Shot Bundle For Sale

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10 Blanton’s Miniature Bourbon 50ml Shot Bundle

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