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Buy Blanton’s Full Lineup Collection Bundle Set Online

There’s nothing that speaks of Kentucky greater than the racehorse’s spirit and the highest-quality bourbon made in Kentucky. The stunning Blanton’s Bourbon that is distilled by Buffalo Trace, the most recognized distillery in the world, is bound to delight all those who enjoy the taste of top American whisky.

Based on The Blanton Wax Seal Design. There is a possibility of leakage during transportation or damage to wax. WOODEN CORK Protection will only PROVIDE a PARTIAL STORE CREDIT dependent on the volume of leakage or DAMAGE at OUR DISCRETION. No refunds or replacements will BE provided.

The items included in this collection include: At 80 proof The Blanton’s special Reserve Green Bottle Bourbon is perfect for those who are only beginning to learn about Bourbons made from single barrels. It’s got the scent of a floral which is enhanced by the scent of raisin and cedar, in addition to subtle vanilla scents.

Where to Buy Blanton’s Full Lineup Collection Bundle Set Online

It was created specifically only the Japanese market. This premium product is comparable in terms of quality with Original Single Barrel Bourbon, but it does have one significant difference in that it matures for a further two years.

Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon Whiskey is designed for the discerning drinkers of bourbon who appreciate the smoothness and richness of their whiskey Bourbon.

It is designed to be smooth and smooth finish the Bourbon is made of an sour mix of corn, rye and malted barley before it’s matured in American White Oak casks. The scent is dry and strong and is accompanied by honey-dried fruits along with rye vanilla along with chocolaty. The palate is rich and full with apricot-like aroma sharp honey, spicy butter, and pepper. The finish is long and long and the toffee apple turns to caramel, and the pecan.

Blanton’s Full Lineup Collection Bundle Set For Sale

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