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Buy Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey Online

First of all, the Blanton’s Gold Edition is designed for people who are keen on whiskey and are awed by the quality and smoothness of their whiskey Bourbon. The nose is first characterized by spiced rye and tobacco scents. Honey and caramel will soon follow as well as dark fruit and citrus aromas.

The palate is reminiscent of the rich aroma, with tobacco and rye honey on the front. The bold and smooth flavors of vanilla and charred oak bring you to a lengthy and beautiful symphony to the ending.

The whiskey is constantly an excellent choice with regard to taste and balance, and is comparable to the top whiskeys around the globe. Additionally, it’s ideal served in glass with water or a mixer. Bottles at 51.5 percent alcohol per volume.

Where to Buy Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey Online

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Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey For Sale

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