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Bulleit Bourbon is a result of the whiskey invented over a 100 years back. Only the top ingredients of the highest quality are used. The distinctiveness that is Bulleit Bourbon comes from its distinctive mix of rye malt, rye barley along with yeast and corn which is specially designed and crafted the authentic Kentucky limestone-filtered water. Due to its high content of Rye, Bulleit Bourbon has a robust, spicy flavor that is accompanied by an end that is distinctively clean and silky smooth.

Medium amber in hue. It is mildly spicy, and pleasant oak scents. Silky and smooth in the middle, with notes of maple, oak and the spiciness of the spice of nutmeg. The finish is dry, long and silky with a subtle toffee taste that lingers for a long time after drinking the last drop. Mix our bourbon whiskey with lemon juice and cloves and brown sugar and hot water to create the perfect Hot Toddy.

Bulleit Bourbon earned a gold medal at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It comes with a 90 proof one Liter bottle filled with Bourbon Whiskey. Drink responsibly.Bulleit Rye: Long, soft and woody with some mild Toffee. Bulleit Bourbon is smooth and has the scent of maple, oak and the nutmeg spice.

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Kentucky Sweet sweet, oaky and spicy. The taste is crisp and dry. It is smooth and spicy thanks to Rye, but not overly spicy in your mouth. The 90 proof Kentucky Bourbon has a deliciously rich flavor with honey notes and vanilla, as along with long and smoky endings.

La Bulleit Distillery Company produit its whiskey in Lawrenceburg in the Kentucky. Resolument americain, il est conserve dans une bouteille qui n’est pas sans rappeler le flacon medicinal emblematique dans lequel on transportait l’alcool au XIXe siecle. Bulleit utilise une eau naturellement filtree par le calcaire de la Salt River. Fort en seigle, il est distille dans de petits alamnbics avant d’etre vieilli dans des futs de chene americain brules. Bulleit Bourbon est le fruit d’une reconversion. Avocat de profession et veteran de la guerre du Vietnam, Thomas E.

Bulleit Jr avait cherche en vain un bourbon a la mesure de ses exigences. Il a fini par le creer lui-meme en s’inspirant de la recette de son trisaieul Augustus Bulleit, emigrant francais parti s’installer aux Etats-Unis dans les annees 1830. Mise au point il y a 175 ans, la recette de Bulleit Bourbon s’est ainsi transmise de generation en generation.

Son processus de fabrication ainsi que la qualite exceptionnelle des ingredients utilises pour son elaboration en font un bourbon atypique avec un caractere sec et peu sucre. L’originalite de Bulleit Bourbon vient de ses inrgredients : il contient 1/3 de seigle soit une proportion elevee comparee aux bourbons classiques. Il est vieilli en moyenne 7 ans dans des futs de chene americain brules.

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey For Sale

Bulleit Bourbon is inspired by the whisky marketed through Augustus Bulleit more than 150 years ago. Only the finest quality ingredients can be found inside this whisky. The delicateness and depth in Bulleit Bourbon come from its distinctive blend of rye, barley malt and corn, together with specially-formulated yeast strains, and filtered water that is made from the pure Kentucky limestone.

Due due to the high levels of rye, Bulleit Bourbon has a strong, spicy flavor with a an incredibly smooth, clean finish. Medium amber colored, with a slight spiciness and delicious oak scents. The mid-palate is soft and smooth, with hints of the oak, maple and nutmeg. The end is long, crisp and smooth with a subtle caramel taste.

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