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Buy Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2021 Limited Edition Tequila 1L Online

Clase Azul Tequila Dia de Muertos Limited Edition Sabores is a celebration of the gastronomic delights of this celebration and remembering of the most memorable moments we’ve shared with loved ones by the food we eat together.

The Limited Edition is the first of five installments in the Dia de Muertos series to be revealed in the coming years.

El Dia de Muertos is the most anticipated Mexican holiday of the year, as it symbolizes one of the most beautiful traditions we have inherited–celebrating our loved ones who have embarked on an exciting journey: life after death.

It is our single estate Agave Tequila that is made using agaves that are exclusively sourced from a mountain located in Los Altos de Jalisco called “El Cerro del Viboreo.”

Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2021 Limited Edition Tequila 1L For Sale

The tequila that is so unique was made by mixing an anejo Tequila that has been aged for over 14 months in casks used to make American whiskey and tequilas matured in the first-use American oak barrels that have medium and light charcoal.

Its notes refer to the most well-known flavors you can find in the offerings of Dia de Muertos. The aroma is reminiscent of candied orange peels along with agave syrup and almond. Its flavor is complex, with flavors of clove, citrus and roasted coffee. It also has hints of orange blossoms. It has an extended taste of orange peel.

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Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2021 Limited Edition Tequila 1L

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