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Perfect for those who collect, Clase Azul Gold is an exclusive, limited-edition collection of original art and Tequila. The bottle is a masterful mixture of ceramic and glass which is something Clase Azul has been working on for many years.

With just 6000 pieces made, “The Gold Collection” features a stunning, hand-crafted and hand-painted base. an authentic representation of Mexico’s exquisite culture!

The various colors of the bottle are a symbol for the blend of tequila contained inside- a unique mix with Clase Azul Plata – with sharp and clear notes. It’s also a distinctive version that is Clase Azul Ultra Anejo aged for eight years!

This particular bottle is Ultra Anejo offers rich, dark and complex notes because of mixing aging that is using reclaimed whiskey barrels as well as the reclaimed Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. The blend of tequilas as well as ageing creates a stunningly soft taste that pleases the most sophisticated taste buds.

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Clase Azul is made by the Productos Finos de Agave at Nom 1416. It is located within the Jesus Maria region of Arandas located in the Los Altos Highlands region of Mexico. Clase Azul is a premium 100% authentic Tequila that is made in a tiny town called Santa Maria Canchesda. More than one hundred Mexican artisans create each bottle by hand.

Clase Azul Tequilas are crafted entirely from natural Tequilana Blue Agaves. Selected from around 200 varieties of agaves, this particular breed is the sole one to produce Tequila. Once the agave has been harvested and sorted, Clase Azul cooks them in traditional brick ovens. This process lasts for about 72 hours.

The cooked pinas are crushed before an exclusive yeast is added. The liquid is left to ferment and then the spirit is carefully twice-distilled, with care to ensure the best quality spirit. The tequilas of this premium line originates from regions like Jalisco and creates a distinctive taste character to the Tequila. This vibrant reposado is silky smooth, with an intense body, with woody, fruity scents and subtle tastes of cooked agave vanilla, wood, and caramel.

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Clase Azul loosely translates to “blue elegance,” and if you’ve been a fan of their tequilas you’ll understand that it’s a fitting name. The company is based out of beautiful Santa Maria Canchesda and uses only the highest quality organically grown blue agave. After the harvest the agave, it is baked in old-fashioned brick ovens for three days prior to it’s double-distilled to perfection.

One of the great features of Clase Azul is the enjoyment never ceases. After you’ve consumed every delicious drop, the bottle is able to (and ought to) be kept for the duration of time. Each beautiful bottle is created by hand and is completely individual. Clase Azul employs about 100 artists, whose only job is to make these gorgeous bottles. Smoky and complex mezcal, crystal-clear plata and celebration-worthy.Clase Azul can all grace you with the tequila adventure of a lifetime.

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