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Buy Clase Azul Joven Puebla 2019 Limited Edition Online

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado It is a symbol of Mexican tradition and customs is an emblem of Mexican culture and tradition. It is crafted from slow-cooked 100% blue Weber Agave Our premium reposado Tequila has a distinct flavor that is unparalleled. Its decanter our most adored symbol, featuring the distinctive “feathered” design, painted by hand using cobalt blue.

Purchase Clase Azul Tequila Online. We, at Clase Azul Spirits are feel awed by our desire to develop and spread an appreciation for the beauty of Mexico and its people. We invite you to explore the captivating Tequila that was created by our artisans, who share their passion, vision and passion in each bottle that is unique and hand-crafted. It originates directly from Clase Azul.

Where to Buy Clase Azul Joven Puebla 2019 Limited Edition Online

Clase Azul Puebla highlights the historic significance of Cinco de Mayo, and the importance of the culture
is the transfer of ideas and information in Mexico and France which was a result of the crucial Battle of Puebla.

The European influences is an essential part of the cultural heritage , and it has become more apparent in recent years.
States similar to states like Puebla. The limited edition of our book is a piece of art that is an incredible work with a rich historical background
Connotations that highlight the importance of cultural diversity and are reflected in the exquisite flavor
and its distinctive and stunning decanter .

Clase Azul Puebla unique decanter design is influenced Puebla’s rich cultural history.
It’s adorned with exquisite craftsmanship, adorned with vibrant yellow and cobalt hues and floral shapes. Our
Artists created their own version of the French symbol of elegance.

Buy Clase Azul Joven Puebla 2019 Limited Edition

The fleur of Lis as well as the Mexican Agave, a emblem of health and fertility for indigenous peoples of certain cultures. An excellent illustration of the way
The contribution of different cultures can create an extraordinary artwork . This extremely distinctive bottle
can be limited to 300 units!


Nose Licorice, Toffee cinnamon blackberries from coffee beans, blueberry jam, agave syrup
cacao, raisins and cinnamon
Palate: Blackberries toasted in oak Chocolate, Nutmeg and vanilla. The orange peel and raisins.
The final part is smoky and long with honey crystallized in butterscotch flavor and honey flavors,
Finalizing with a flavor of a fresh citrus.

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