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Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero reveals one of Mexico’s greatest-kept secrets: the amazing state of Guerrero an under-explored region which reveals another aspect in Mexican culture. The new part of the Clase Azul line was influenced by the uniqueness of Guerrero’s landscapes and gastronomy art, heritage, and landscapes as well as the power and determination of the women in this region.

Mezcal Guerrero is a distinctive item.

Beyond its stunning decanter the awe-inspiring taste comes from a rare type of agave called The papalote agave. The plant is found within the Mountain Range of the State of Guerrero in which it blends ocean’s climate and taste and the lush green forest’s freshness.

Notes on Tasting; Color: Brilliant clear, with light straw-colored highlights

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Body: Full-bodied

Aroma Grapefruit skins, wood that is fresh aroma, peanut oil, rosemary aroma, buttery hints and daisy flowers

Taste Fresh seaweed, wood Lemon juice, pepper and subtle tones of tobacco.

Pairing; Serrano Ham Tapas, accompanied by the heirloom tomato and olive tapenade.

A steamed fish taco that is served with cuaresmeno (jalapeno) chili and the tamarind sauce.

Lemon cake, accompanied by ripe fruit (Pear,apricots,and mango).

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Decanter; The decanter is an art piece that honors the ancient wisdom, gentle nature, and fierce character of the Mexican woman. These qualities make her the center of Guerrero’s society. The color green is jade, which is a precious stone of immense value for our indigenous traditions and is a symbol of eternality.

The four petals of the decanter symbolize the Fifth Sun, a pre-Hispanic god who was thought to be the origin of all things. The cap’s vibrant color depicts the image of a hummingbird, the mythical messenger of the Gods and reaffirms the mystical and celestial connections to the Mexican region.

Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero

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