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Clase Azul Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Joven Limited Edition Tequila 2022 1 Liter. Clase Azul Joven Pink Limited Edition 2022 an Joven Tequila designed for our annual event to in raising awareness about breast cancer. The profits from this publication go directly to Grupo de Recuperacion Total (RETO) An organisation which promotes early detection of breast cancer. RETO assists in providing accessible medical care and treatment for diagnosed women.

To decorate this decanter, we were influenced to butterflies, and the metamorphosis process which is a visual representation of our appreciation of the strength, beauty and transformational healing process of a breast cancer survivors.

The pink ribbon that is which is the emblem of the cause is wrapped around a white decanter on its loop, beautifully painted by hand with gold, we can see the evolution of the butterfly from the time of its first caterpillar through its period as a chrysalis its final shape as the winged beauty. Because of the dimensions and hand-finished detail of the bottle We strongly recommend two-day or overnight expedited shipping on the bottle.

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The tequila that was created to promote Clase Azul Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Tequila pays tribute to the original Clase Azul Tequila Reposado. The Master Distiller Viridiana Tinoco reinvented the design to give it a unique flavor.

A portion of the agave that was that was used in this blend was milled in an old-fashioned stone mill, known as the tahona. It is a method which dates to the time of the first Tequila. Additionally the fermentation process was accelerated to emphasize the liquor’s fruity and citrus notes.

Clase Azul Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Tequila was aged in American whiskey casks, with each one with its own distinct and rich taste notes. “Aroma Aroma”: agave syrup the banana and woody notes caramelized coconut gentle vanilla and hints caramel, semi-bitter chocolat, malted grain, and apple.. Palate Notes of vanilla, caramel almond, banana, and agave syrup. the oak finish is toasted, with cocoa, a slight mineral-like earthiness”

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Clase Azul Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Tequila is 100% made of Blue Agave which is grown in one of the most affluent places located in Jalisco. Its land and climate properties provide a distinctive tequila taste. Each agave is cultivated for 6 to 8 years prior to harvest. Organic agave needs approximately seventy-eight hours in cooking time in older brick ovens. The baking imparts the agave’s glycerin core an exceptional sweetness, which is evident in the richness of flavors and aromas.

With Fundacion Causa Azul they strengthen communities of artisans, so that they are able to thrive while also preserving their cultural heritage and traditions.

With their soccer team Mazorqueros, Clase Azul seeks to change the lives of children and enhance their lives by providing education, healthcare access decent housing, as well as helping them achieve their goals as athletes.

Clase Azul Pink Edition 2022

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