Buy Clase Azul Pink Joven Tequila with Pink Snifters Online


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Buy Clase Azul Pink Joven Tequila with Pink Snifters Online

Individually sculpted and created by hand, each bottle of Clase Azul tequila is truly an original work of work. The best pleasure is to sip drinking your Clase Azul Durango Mezcal straight from the stunning Spice Lab Tequila Shot Glass. In this Collection:

Clase Azul Pink Joven Tequila Special Edition Clase Azul Spirits participate in with the battle against cancer of breast with special edition pink bottles which’s main goal is to give the gift of life. Clase Azul is an ultra-premium, 100 percent Weber blue Agave, Reposado Tequila. Clase Azul Tequila is a perfect blend of the highest quality Tequila and a stunning hand-crafted and hand-painted Talavera carafe.

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