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Buy Clase Azul Reposado 1.75L Tequila Online

Clase Azul Reposado a premium reposado tequila composed of Tequilana Weber blue Agave which is slow cooked in traditional stone ovens for at least 72 hours.

Once the agave reaches its rich, deep and powerful flavor, the agave is fermented with specific yeast before distillation.When the tequila has been distilled and then matured for eight months inside oak barrels that were carefully selected. This creates a wonderful smooth, silky taste that exceeds expectations with every sip.

The perfect blend of the top tequilas and exquisite hand-painted, hand-crafted Mexican bottle. It is manufactured and packed in Jalisco with 100% Agave (weber blue Agave) and is twice distilled.

The process of aging in oak barrels of finest quality produces an exceptional wine that has Clase Azul’s distinctive, smooth taste and aromas, as well as a remarkable balance in the mouth. 100% Blue Agave.

The rich flavors of spice, creamy soda caramel, and herbal Agave. A long, sweet and lingering finish. Clase Azul is a premium, ultra premium 100% Weber Blue Agave, Reposado Tequila. Clase Azul Tequila is the perfect blend of top standard Tequila and a gorgeous hand-crafted art-decorated Talavera carafe.

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It is produced by distillation in the Jesus Maria region of Arandas, Jalisco, MX from 100 percent Tequilana Weber. Clase Azul is matured for a minimum of 8 months inside barrels made from smaller oak. We make use of a mix from Bourbon as well as Cognac Sherry barrels to aid in the aging process. The time of aging as well as the use of these unique barrels is what differentiates Clase Azul and creates the award-winning flavor profile.

It’s distinctive by its smooth aromas and flavor as well as its excellent balance throughout its palette. The style of bottle is referred to as “Talavera”, which was brought in Mexico through Spanish artisans of the time of the Colonial period. Known as “majolica” in Spain. Additionally, a amazingly good Reposado Tequila made from Organic Agaves, which are grown for longer than 9 years before the slow-cooked cooking process in traditional ovens.

The process of fermentation uses the yeast blend that is unique to it that is then followed by distillation followed by three filters. It is then matured in beautiful oak barrels, and is wrapped in elegant tall decanters that are hand-painted and numbered by craftsmen from the local area. Clase Azul’s breathtaking Reposado has been awarded Gold Awards from both the Beverage Testing Institute and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

COLOR: Intense amber

BODY A soft and luxurious body

AROMA The fragrance is fruity, woody and sweet. Vanilla and caramel toffee

Tasting Aguave cooked and fruity sweet, creamy caramel and vanilla, yet not overwhelming.

Clase Azul Reposado 1.75L Tequila For Sale

Clase Azul is made by the Productos Finos de Agave at Nom 1416. It’s located within the Jesus Maria region of Arandas located in the Los Altos Highlands region of Mexico. Clase Azul is a premium, 100 100% authentic Tequila made in a tiny town known as Santa Maria Canchesda. More than 100 Mexican artisans make each bottle of tequila by hand.

Clase Azul Tequilas are made from 100% organic Weber blue Tequilana Agaves. The agaves are chosen from more than 200 varieties of agaves. This specific variety is one of the rare breeds that can make Tequila. Once the agaves have been harvested it is then Clase Azul prepares them using traditional brick ovens. The process takes about 72 hours.

The pinas that have been cooked are crushed before an exclusive yeast included. The liquid is allowed to ferment and the resultant spirit is double-distilled with care to ensure the finest spirits of the highest quality. This premium Tequila brand comes from regions such as Jalisco which gives a distinct taste and aroma of Tequila. The lively reposado is silky smooth with a hefty body and woody, fruity aromas and a complex taste of vanilla cooked with agave, caramel and wood.

Clase Azul Reposado 1.75L Tequila

Clase Azul is a loosely translates to “blue class,” and anyone who’s had the pleasure of drinking their best tequilas you’ll see that the name is appropriate. The company is headquartered in the charming Santa Maria Canchesda and uses only the finest Blue agave that is organically grown. After the harvesting of the agave, it’s made into bricks in ovens from earlier times for three days before being double-distilled to the highest standard.

One of the great features of Clase Azul is the enjoyment never ceases. When you’ve consumed every wonderful drink, the bottle is able to (and must) be kept for the duration of time. Each stunning bottle is constructed by hand, and completely individual. Clase Azul employs about 100 artists, whose only job is to design and create these stunning bottles. Smoky and complex mezcal, crystal-clear plata and celebration-worthy.Clase Azul can all grace you with the tequila adventure of a lifetime.


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