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Buy Cooperstown Canton ‘Football’ Bourbon. The wine is made from mid-west grain, with a an mash bill of 81% corn with 17% rye, and 3 percent barley. The wine is matured and aged with a patented re-casking process and a more refined stave of oak. It is quite similar to the flavor of the taste of Kentucky Bourbon, with a hint of sweetness from honey, sweet caramel and brown sugar. The wine is bottled with a 90 proof.Patent sought, football-inspired replica sporting stitches. It has stitches and seams on the bottle’s front. It rests on the bottom of an elevated pedestal that has a replica football pitch, with etched with yard markers as well as ending zone. This bottle has been marked with the shape of “Canton Distillery”, (Home of Football).

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It is made from midwestern grain that have a mash bill which comprises of 80 percent corn and 17% rye, and 3 percent barley. The wine is matured and aged with an innovative re-casking technique and a more refined stave of oak. The profile is similar to Kentucky Bourbon that has a hint of sweet carmel, honey as well as Brown sugar. It is completed at 90 proof.

Patent-pending football replica that comes with stitches and seams on high-end of bottle. It’s set at the pedestal’s base which is a miniature football field which is marked with yard markers and end zones. It’s branded in the form of “Canton Distillery”, (Home of Football).

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About Cooperstown Distillery; Cooperstown’s very first microdistillery is a prestigious handcrafted distillery that offers awards-winning spirits, made with a substantial portion of New York State agricultural products as part of its mission to be an agricultural distillery. Two locations in the middle of Cooperstown the distillery is a showcase of their “field through flask” experience. They offer tour guides led by the distiller of their manufacturing facility as well as tastings of their complete selection of spirits in their eleven Railroad Ave. location.
Second Location
Downtown, at the intersection between Main and Pioneer Visitors can try various local drinks from the Distillery’s sampling bars, Lounge, and store with an assortment of liqueurs, cocktails and bitters.

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