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Buy Four Roses Obso Barrel Strength Single Barrel Select Online

Four Roses Whiskey Revolution Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey is a first cask of this type to is made from an mash composed of 60% corn 35% rye, as well as malted barley 5. While straight Bourbon is matured for at least two years. The bottle Four Roses Bourbon was aged for nine years and ten months fresh charcoal-infused American White Oak cask (Cask 81-2M).

Additionally, while a lot of distilleries store their bourbon in warehouses that are many stories, Four Roses ages its Bourbon in a single-story warehouse guaranteeing that every barrel is matured in the same way. This particular barrel is known as”OBSO” in the name of Four Roses as “OBSO” Each letter is a specific criterion which are distinct for each cask, including the location of production, as and the mashbill type whisky (“straight”) and as a particular yeast variety. After the whiskey was matured, it released to its strength (117.6 percent).

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Sometimes, some extremely smooth and intricate barrels created of any of one of the 10 Bourbon recipes that are made available to our Master Distiller. Every barrel is aged between 9 to eleven years of age. We then invite our customers to taste their favorite Bourbon on their premises, and to have they can choose their favorite barrels.

After selecting, every choice is packaged and identified as a non-chill filter. one Barrel of Barrel Strength in just a couple of bottles. OBSO recipe: Mashbill B: 60 percent corn, 35 percent Rye 5 % Malted barley with Rich Fruit (O) Proprietary yeast strain.

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Here at Four Roses,we frequently discuss our method of making Bourbon as it’s unique from others Bourbon distilleries. We develop 10 distinct Bourbon recipes for the Distillery situated at Lawrenceburg and each has distinct flavors.

A few Bourbon recipes can be used on their own within a barrel. They can be blended with other recipes to create smaller-sized Bourbons. This recipe however is a collaborative effort that is accessible within Four Roses Bourbon and Four Roses Small Batch.

Four Roses Obso Barrel Strength Single Barrel Select  For Sale

Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection series is a selection of bourbons that are unique, made using Four Roses’ B/E mash bills, and a precise blend with any of their five yeast strains that they have developed over 10 distinct recipes. The Four The Roses SB Private Selection OBSO is a barrel strength whiskey that is aged for a minimum of eight years in oak barrels that have been charred and finished to a variety of 99-100 proof contingent on the selection of barrel.

Made of Four Roses’ B mash bill, which is comprised of 60 percent corn and 35% rye and malted barley, 5% This premium whiskey is made with its O yeast which has a fruity and full-bodied taste. It is released in limited quantities to only select retailers and bourbon enthusiasts, Four Roses SB Private Selection OBSO is among the most sought-after and rare products in the Four Roses’ Private Selection Barrel Strength series.

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