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Buy Four Roses Private Barrel Selection Barrel Strength Oesq Online

OESQ Recipe Each and every now and then from moment to moment we will have a handful of exceptionally smooth and intricate barrels made from any of among the 10, Bourbon recipes are shown to the Master Distiller. Every barrel is aged between 9 to eleven years of age. Then, we invite our customers for taste the Bourbon on their home and their choice of the best barrels.

After they have selected their preferred, each is then bottle-bottled and identified as a non-chill-filtered single barrel with barrel strength in just a few bottles. OESQ Recipe Mashbill E 75 20 % Rye % corn 5 percent malted Barley that contains the Floral Essence (Q) A yeast that is a proprietary strain.

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If you’re familiar of the way Four Roses makes Bourbon (and since you’re probably here) and know it’s the one distillery in the world that uses two distinct mashingbills in addition to five of our yeast strains that we have developed to create 10 distinct Bourbon recipes. We then use these recipes either in a single batch or in blends, to create an array of different flavours for Bourbon lovers like you.

In the course of the past year, we’ve examined each of our recipes each one at a time and then describing their taste, and the things they add to the blends they’re incorporated. It’s been a long yet enjoyable ride however, it’s hard to believe, we’re on our ninth and final Bourbon recipe. OESQ.

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