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Buy Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection OBSF Online

We’re happy to present this fifth edition of our month-long series of dishes. This one is special because it’s the halfway point of our 10 recipe series. It it also includes the fifth and final Bourbon recipe we created using our Rye forward “B” mashbill.

It’s likely that you’ve figured it out already that the Four Roses is a blend of two different mixbills, as well as five distinct yeast strains to produce the 10 unique Bourbon recipe. Then, we combine these recipes either in conjunction or on their own to create a myriad of flavors to please Bourbon lovers like you.

We’ve previously talked about the floral and rye attraction that are the hallmarks of OBSQ. This next time, we’ll focus on the delicate rye and minty taste of its sibling, OBSF Four Roses

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FOUR ROSES SINGLE BARREL PRIVATE SELECTION U.S. SPIRITS UPTOWN BARREL PICK 2023 Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars. Reviews Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection | Uptown Spirits Barrel Pick & @RolexWhiskey Aged for 10 Year-8Months 122.8 Proof Four Roses Recipe Selected: OBSF Warehouse No. V W barrel, 8-5L. Four Roses Single Barrel Collection Exclusive Uptown Spirits Barrel Pick 2023 Uptown Spirits has collaborated with @rolexwhisky for the selection of …

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