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Buy Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon 750ml Online

The limited-edition releases by Four Roses are consistently top-quality, however this bourbon — a constantly accessible addition to the range is equally as good as its more scarce competitors. The distillery’s F yeast, as well as other yeasts have are scented, and contain the cedar chest, berries and spearmint, alcohol from tobacco leaves, assafras and layers of earthy spice.

The flavor is soft and bursting with flavor. with a mix of cherry Coke, orange oil from cough syrup, dark and leathery, and black pepper. Also, it contains chocolate and chili flakes. The flavors change to a minty end, and are brimming with pepper, cinnamon dried cherries as well as dark chocolate and roasting of walnuts. The taste is full, rich and delicious.

Where to Buy Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon 750ml Online

Four Roses Small Batch Select comprises six distinct recipes. They’re a premium non-chill-filtered Bourbon that has a distinct, rich, herbal-forward flavor characteristic that is unlike anything else available in this segment. It is created by using six of our signature Bourbon recipes.

Four Roses has 10 unique Bourbon recipes that include NOSE Raspberries cloves, and Nutmeg. Take pleasure in Apricot, berries vanilla and a touch of oak. The finish is long-lasting with spearmint, and a note of cinnamon. The proof is 104, and it has been aged for 7 to 6-7 years. Non-chill filtering

Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon 750ml For Sale

Kentucky You’ll want to taste this exceptional bourbon crafted out of a mix of six different barrels each with various yeast varieties and mash builds. It’s rich, full-bodied and extremely smooth, with a smooth long, long finish that is amazingly soft.

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