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Jefferson’s name was chosen to pay tribute to Thomas Jefferson, whose courage in pushing boundaries is mirrored by Trey Zoeller who along with his father, Chet, himself a well-known historian of Bourbon, started the company in 1997.

The ties of the family to Bourbon goes back to the 8th generation grandmother of Trey’s who, in 1799, was imprisoned for distributing and manufacturing”spiritual spirit’. Thankfully nowadays, there’s no risk of jail time and Jefferson’s are able to continue pushing forward with their ideas and interest by pushing the boundaries and trying new things, while adhering to the customs.

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Always attentively recording notes and making in tiny quantities The Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Kentucky Straight Bourbon is stored in barrels that were previously used and later transported via ship on a global journey that crosses the Equator on four occasions, and stopping on five continents.

It’s aboard a vessel this time, and the waves’ swells are shaking the precious product and the changing weather conditions altering and changing temperatures, allowing the distinctive Bourbon to evolve and transform into a new and stunning color.

How to Buy Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon Online

The third version of Jeffersons Ocean Aged at Sea was released in the fall of 2014. It has an aroma and a palate which is filled with citrus and raisins, creating a deliciously sweet. The spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla come in, the bourbon alcohol burning heats the flavor, and the mouthfeel is smooth and silky.

A rich, dark Bourbon with complex flavors like other spirits; the blackish color and caramel flavor resemble an edgy rum, as the sugars in the barrels melted; the salty, briny taste of the barrels inhaling sea air is similar to Islay Scotch; and at its base, it’s genuine Bourbon.

In the end, the spices and raisins remain while the citrus becomes popular again when the spice is gone and leaves the faintly sweet, fruity aftertaste.

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