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Uniquely crafted to provide the most luxurious experience Maker’s 46 (r) is enhanced by the special sealed French staves made of oak. It has subtle bourbon notes, and complex, balanced flavors. legacy of Bill Samuels, Jr.

He was the father of Maker’s Mark (r) founders Bill and Margie. In 2010 Maker’s 46 (r) was the first major expression created within Star Hill Farm. Star Hill Farm. Star Hill Farm since classic Maker’s (r) began production in the year 1953.

The first new bourbon that we’ve released since we opened our doors needed to be distinctive. The whiskey certainly stood out. Maker’s 46 certainly was this, and was the very first release of our revolutionary wood-finishing line.

We are continuing to experiment with finishes on wood in order to create fresh expressions that reflect Maker’s mark (r), however, we remain in tune with the original Maker’s Mark (r) – and the enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication of Bill and Margie.

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The company that makes it is that is located in Bardstown, Kentucky. It’s an Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is bottled at abv of 47, with a maturation period of 8-10 years. The aroma is “vanilla lemon cakes. 

The taste is a blend of caramel citrus, vanilla and other spices. I’m not sure if they crafted the bottle with extravagantness to go with Whiskey or vice versa.

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Since we loved the experience of wood finishing to the point of exhaustion, we decided to expand the concept to encompass expressions such as Maker’s Mark (r) Private Selection.

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