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Buy Michter’s 10 Year Old Bourbon Online

A mature age and outstanding in its quality, Michter’s 10- Year Old Bourbon isn’t your standard Kentucky Bourbon. It was deemed”the “Best American Whiskey” by Food & Wine magazine, this is a strong spicy and smoky body. It’s aged for 10 years in Michter’s distinct American White Oak barrels.

Although it’s not a product that originated in Kentucky It’s certainly not traditional Kentucky Bourbon. It’s rich, bold and as rich as ever. It’s a flavorful, savory and spicy one featuring fennel seeds, cinnamon and grapefruit notes along with lemon. It also has a subtle taste of molasses and vanilla that can make you wonder that anything with 94 proof is like a mouthful.

Old and mature yet outstanding in its quality, the whiskey has established itself as a beloved preferred for the most discerning whiskey lovers. It is the “Best American Whiskey” according to Food and Wine magazine, Michters 10 Year is the end of a long-term process of maturation.

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