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Buy Order WhistlePig Estate Oak Rye Aged 15 Years Online

One of WhistlePig’s the most loved whiskies, Estate Oak Rye is intended to those who are a fan of Rye. It has its name derived from it being the Vermont Estate Oak, where it comes to the close of its 15-year run. Sustainable harvesting on our 500-acre farm. It has more rings than common American oak that is used in whiskey barrels. This gives it the best flavor when maturing.

The personalized toast and char profiles can increase the flavor, similar to a superbly caramelized marshmallow. With 92 proof, this bottle has outstanding taste. It’s strong and smart beyond its 15-year age limit and is awarded a score of 97 in the Wine Enthusiast.

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An authentic representation of Vermont’s finest and our preferred method for taking in WhistlePig 15 is to enjoy a fireplace in the cool evening with a tasty, baked marshmallow.

A score of 97 from Wine Enthusiast. One of the top-rated Rye Whiskeys of all time. It is certified Kosher. NOSE Deep and rich with caramel, vanilla and oak. It also has the scent of allspice burning orange. The palate is warm, rich and slightly smooth. Lots of baking spice and butterscotch and hints of tobacco and leather. Finish: extremely warm and long, as well as warm and inviting

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