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A carefully selected and bottled barrelcontinuously This special release bourbon can be consumed and offers nuanced interpretations in the process of aging. For a exquisite taste of Bourbon there are no two barrels alike. Expect a distinct, full-bodied flavor that pays homage to the legendary taste that is the Weller’s Wheated Bourbon.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery distillery is located inside Frankfort, Kentucky, that is part of the Sazerac Company. It’s historically been referred to by many names, including it’s George T. Stagg Distillery and the Old Fire Copper Distillery.

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The retailer local to you will inform you it is on sale or in transit to local location. Usually, the delivery time is one to four weeks. (Mon-Fri) The extended processing times can be anticipated during the Christmas season.

The entire collection of licensed retailers continues to meet orders when they are received, but because of COVID-19 regulations, there could delay. Certain items might be held back due to the current demand and shipped out as soon as they are received. Please review the conditions and terms of our service, as well as our cancellation and return policy.

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