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Buy Woodford Reserve Master Collection Select American Oak Online

Woodford Save Expert’s Assortment Select American Oak Save Expert’s Assortment Select American Oak This Woodford Save Expert’s Assortment Select American Oak Whiskey Bourbon showcases an opulent golden color and a complex scent that is packed with deep woody notes, as well as the scent of caramel, vanilla and zest. When you tasting, you’ll find the smooth and silky surface with different types of oak that have been toasted sweet honey, a subtle sprinkle of the natural product which waits until the finish.

Woodford Save just delivered another variation in American Oak whiskey. The jug is made from Ozark Oak, which is an extremely rapidly growing variety. It has 45.2 percent alcohol by volume. The best taste is assured through master maturation in new oak barrels that have been burned.

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During the 1830s the Woodford District refineryIt was the stage for a series of disclosures and creative ways of doing business that would be the hallmark of the business of whiskey for decades in the near future. Today, that innovative and pioneering practice is illustrated in the Lord’s Assortment from the Woodford Save Refinery. It was a tradition that began when Master Distiller James Crow joined refinery proprietor Oscar Pepper to make the principal authentic Kentucky whiskies.

It is the Woodford Save Expert’s Assortment Select American Oak Whiskey Bourbon is made from one specific terroir-sourced oak. The Oak was chosen due to its rapidly developing terroir characteristics. A barrel sharing a common wood structure provides this extraordinary collection of Woodford You will be able to recognize a distinct sweet and nutty scent which will assist you to keep warm and delicious food items in mind.

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