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A mix of 3 out of 10 Four Roses mashbill Recipes that are different from recipe are all different throughout the. Particularly the edition that celebrates the 125th anniversary contains three different recipes: OBSV (18yrs), OBSK (13yrs) and OESK (13 years). The basic recipe of Four Roses small batch is Four Roses small batch is comprised of a four-recipe mix (OBSO, OBSK, OESK, OESO) that contains no information about age. Small batch standard recipe is bottled at 90 proof. However, the limited edition was made available in the strength of the barrel.

NOSE When I put the glass in my mouth I was greeted by an amazing blend of scents. The light trace of wheat, fresh fruit, and the floral scents are evident, along with delicate hints of fresh nuts, as well as fresh wood.

I was stunned to find that even with Bourbon 100+ proof you have to work extremely hard to find any alcohol. It’s not burning, but a gorgeously fragrant whiskey that I was always returning to for an in-depth look during the course of a tasting.

Four Roses 125th Anniversary 2013 Limited Edition Small Batch For Sale

I was hoping that this bourbon will have a higher score, but I ended the tasting unsatisfied. It’s not an issue with this superb bourbon worth a try. In the circumstances that it’s a cult preferred bourbon in 2013, I was extremely happy to finally get the bottle to Breaking Bourbon.

I was hoping to be awed but it didn’t knock my socks off like other releases of 2013 such as Elijah Craig 21yr, for instance. The release by Four Roses starts off strong with a great nose, but it begins to fade as it goes on.
I’d suggest that to try it when you find it at your local bourbon store, but don’t be discouraged by not being able to buy an entire bottle include in the collection.

Palate What I noticed immediately was the mix of old leather and cedar that reminded me of a cigar boxes. In addition the berry scent emanating from the nose lingers through the mouth. There are subtle aromas of sweet berries and dried and crushed fruits. A strange mix, but it’s effective.

the finish was a bit less pronounced and shorter than I’d prefer. It offers a substantial improvement in taste and aroma, however the taste at the end wasn’t as enjoyable as the flavor it provided. It was dry like leather that had aged, and the hint of tobacco leaf. I also detected signs of a mild bitterness that was similar to orange rind.

Four Roses 125th Anniversary 2013 Limited Edition Small Batch For Sale

Valu At $85 this is nearly three times more expensive than an ordinary bottle from Four Roses small batch. While it’s fun to sample different flavors and to say that you’ve tried a unique bottle of Four Roses, I have difficult justification for the cost. The regular Small Batch release can be affordable at just $30, and it’s a great value for the money.

When I compared the 125th anniversary release to the regular tiny batch of bourbon, I came off feeling somewhat disappointed by the 125th Anniversary release. For the price of $85, I had hoped for an bourbon that would blow me off – one that exceeded the typical small batch releases.

All in all A huge buildup, but an unsatisfactory end. uniqueness The fact is that Four Roses releases a limited edition small batch each year, this one is as special as they come. The standard small batch recipe makes use of four varieties (OBSO, OBSK, OESK, OESO) versus the three strains in the 125th anniversary edition (OBSO at 18 years, OBSK at 13yrs, OESK 13 years old).

It’s interesting to see the way that mixing different strains together for this release affects the flavor profile of the typical smaller batch bottle. The total number of bottles was 12,468 released (approximately 8000 bottles sold in US markets) and, like many exclusive Four Roses releases, this edition was snapped up quickly by people who are not in the market for it.


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